Here at Sunset Coast Capital, we have a saying: “invest in what you know”.

Some of the things we know:

  • There are always opportunities that are undervalued by their market.
  • Growth is inevitable in a market-based economy, you just have to find where it’s happening.
  • There are certain principles that don’t change, even though in every investment cycle, people say “this time it is different”.
  • There are certain founders/leaders whose combination of grit, wisdom, integrity, woo and capital allocation give their organization outsized advantages.
  • One cannot predict the future, but one can select opportunities where the odds of one’s future results (and that of one’s investment choices) are above average, while protecting downside risk.


We’ve decided, based upon these “things we know”, many other principles we have picked up along the way, and experience in certain fields, that a mix of investment types is the approach we feel allows us to best achieve our mission of stewarding capital along a path of above-average multiplication.

Target Opportunities:

The opportunities that make the most sense for us to explore are:

  • Early-stage, scalable ventures and asset classes, led by strong teams with viable, blue-ocean strategic market share opportunity
  • Strategic, value-based public market positions
  • Private equity investments into established, stable private companies with high levels of free cashflow, and
  • Short-term debt instruments

To discuss opportunities that fit these criterion with us, please contact us.